Used Auto Parts in Clearwater

Teddy Bear’s Auto Salvage has proudly served our neighbors in the Clearwater region since 1988. Our locally owned and locally run auto salvage yard is full of pleasant employees who are committed to integrity, honesty, and exceptional service. We are members of both the Florida Auto Dismantlers & Recyclers Association and the Automotive Recyclers Association, and we work with nearby customers, local auto shops, and customers from everywhere in the country. We are also a member of a nationwide auto parts locator network, which allows us to track down any of the used auto parts you may require and have them delivered to you quickly. If you want to sell your vehicle, whether it’s operational or not, we’d be pleased to make a competitive offer. We are delighted to play a role in this beautiful community, and we are excited to show you why we are the leading used auto parts source in the Clearwater region.

Our Services

Purchase Used Vehicle Parts


Within our diverse assortment of Clearwater used vehicle parts, you’ll discover plenty of interior components designed to rejuvenate your vehicle’s interior. Whether you’re seeking practical replacement parts or opting for an aesthetic upgrade, our inventory features all the parts essential for enhancing your vehicle’s appearance and comfort. Our selection includes just about every model and make, so you’ll be able to effortlessly find the right interior components for all your needs.

We offer a variety of:



Rearview Mirrors


Glove Box Doors

Door Panels

Driver Seats


Steering Wheels

Door Latches

Passenger Seats



And More!

Air Conditioning

We pride ourselves on offering the best selection of air conditioning parts in the area. Seeking used vehicle parts specific to a particular make or model? We’re here to offer our expertise. Browse through our extensive collection to effortlessly find the exact air conditioning parts your vehicle needs.

Come to our auto salvage yard in Clearwater for:

A/C Compressors

A/C Condensers

A/C Hoses

A/C Compressor Clutches

And More!


Dive into our diverse assortment of transmissions and transmission parts made to accommodate various vehicle makes and models. If you’re hoping to purchase a used transmission or specific parts like a clutch, sensors, or gears, our selection is unparalleled in its variety and availability. Our transmissions are meticulously inspected to ensure top-notch quality and reliability, offering budget-friendly options for your vehicle’s transmission needs. Opting for our used transmissions for sale is the most budget-friendly approach to replacing your transmission or related components.


Find a comprehensive selection of brake components and braking solutions for automobiles of all kinds. Our unmatched selection of used car parts in Clearwater ensures you’ll find the brake parts you’re looking for. If you’re unable to find the right part(s), we’ll assist you in locating an exact match. Discover affordable rates and consistent braking performance within our outstanding inventory. Don’t hesitate – visit us today to see how we cater to all your brake-related needs!

We have a wide selection of:




Fluid Lines

Brake Pads


ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) Parts

And More!


Our tire inventory ensures that you’ll find the exact match for your vehicle’s driving requirements and type. Whether you seek all-season tires, high-performance options, or a spare tire, we have just what you need. Our tire selection boasts a variety of options in excellent condition, each with unique tread depths. We’re dedicated to helping you find the perfect fit for your vehicle at unbeatable prices.


Find the perfect battery for your vehicle among our wide range of premium options. Whether your vehicle is a car, truck, motorcycle, or something else entirely, we are here to meet your specific battery needs. Get lasting performance without the high cost with our dependable, thoroughly tested batteries. Swing by today and let us take care of all your battery needs!

We offer:


Battery Cables

Hybrid Batteries

Battery Trays

And More!

Body Parts

Customers trust us to provide top-quality body parts for their cars, regardless of the model or make. Transform your vehicle’s look and performance with our comprehensive range of parts, from hoods and doors to bumpers and fenders, all offered at the best prices. Our dedication to quality shines through in the meticulous inspection of every part in our inventory, providing customers with affordable and dependable solutions they can trust.

Come to our Clearwater auto salvage yard for:






Electric Door Motors


Hood Latches




Truck Latches

Front Axles

Rear Axles


And More!


We prioritize excellence at our respected auto salvage yard, particularly concerning engines and their vital components. Our commitment to thorough inspection guarantees maximum dependability and performance for every engine part, and we offer the widest variety of used engines for sale in the local area. Deciding to purchase a used engine from our salvage yard guarantees you’ll get a high-quality used engine that adheres to strict standards. We are here to give you priceless peace of mind and deliver lasting, superior performance for your vehicle to exceed your expectations.

Come to our salvage yard for:


Complete Engines



Timing Belts

And More!

Sell Your Automobile

If you have a non-functional, damaged, or aging vehicle you want to sell, our local auto salvage yard is the place to accomplish that goal. In the event that your car sustains extensive damage and the cost to restore it is impractical, consider selling it to us! Our reputation as the most reliable junk car buyer in this area is backed by our top-dollar offers for late model trucks and cars, regardless of their condition. We buy junk cars, whether they have a title or not, in any condition, and whether they’re running or not. You can also benefit from our convenient vehicle pickup service. Our services encompass both domestic and international vehicles, promising you a hassle-free selling process. Get cash for your car today and let your car buyer take care of the rest!

For more information about selling your old car or about our used vehicle parts in Clearwater, give Teddy Bear’s Auto Salvage a call today at (727) 937-8348.