Used Auto Parts in Wesley Chapel

Teddy Bear’s Auto Salvage has been dedicated to the Wesley Chapel community since our establishment in 1988. Exceptional service, honesty, and integrity are the cornerstones of our locally owned and operated auto salvage yard, where our friendly staff is always dedicated to assisting you. Being part of the Florida Auto Dismantlers & Recyclers Association and the Automotive Recyclers Association enables us to serve a diverse clientele, including customers from across the nation, local automotive shops, and nearby customers. Our connection to a nationwide auto parts locator network means we can swiftly track down and deliver any used auto parts you need. Should you choose to sell your vehicle, regardless of its condition, we promise to provide you with a fair offer. Our pride in being a part of this unique community drives us to showcase why we are the top choice for used auto parts in the Wesley Chapel area – so come see the Teddy Bear’s difference firsthand!

Our Services

Purchase Used Vehicle Parts

Body Parts

Our expertise lies in offering a comprehensive selection of high-grade body parts for various vehicle manufacturers and models. Get everything you need to revamp your vehicle’s appearance and performance, from fenders and doors to bumpers and hoods, all at budget-friendly prices. Our parts are scrutinized to meet stringent criteria, offering customers reliable and cost-efficient solutions for their automotive repair needs.

Come to our Wesley Chapel auto salvage yard for:



Rear Axles

Hood Latches



Truck Latches

Electric Door Motors







Front Axles

And More!


Delve into our expansive inventory of transmissions and transmission components designed for a multitude of vehicle makes and models. Whether you’re looking to purchase a used transmission or you’re in search of a particular part, such as a clutch, sensors, or gears, we have the most comprehensive selection around. We subject our transmissions to rigorous inspections to guarantee quality and dependability, and we offer cost-effective solutions for your vehicle’s transmission requirements. For those looking to replace a transmission or related part without breaking the bank, our used transmissions for sale are a smart option.


Our Wesley Chapel used vehicle parts inventory is stocked with numerous interior components that can quickly elevate the interior of any car. Explore our inventory for a wide selection of items, from cosmetic upgrades to functional replacements, designed to enhance your car’s comfort and aesthetics. Covering a wide range of models and makes, our selection makes it effortless for you to find the perfect interior components to meet your needs.

We offer a variety of:


Passenger Seats

Steering Wheels




Rearview Mirrors

Glove Box Doors

Driver Seats

Door Panels



Door Latches

And More!


We offer a wide range of high-quality batteries for all types of vehicles. No matter the vehicle type – motorcycle, truck, car, or any other – we’re excited to locate the battery you’re looking for. Count on our tested and dependable batteries to deliver reliable, long-lasting performance without breaking your budget. Swing by today and let us take care of all your battery needs!

We offer:

Battery Cables

Hybrid Batteries


Battery Trays

And More!

Air Conditioning

It is our privilege to be known as the foremost source in Wesley Chapel for all kinds of air conditioning parts. If you’re searching for used vehicle parts that are specific to a certain make or model, we’ve got everything you need. Finding the exact air conditioning parts you need for your car is remarkably simple, thanks to our wide inventory.

Come to our auto salvage yard in Wesley Chapel for:

A/C Compressor Clutches

A/C Hoses

A/C Compressors

A/C Condensers

And More!


Find a comprehensive range of brakes and brake parts suitable for all vehicle types in our vast inventory. You’ll discover unparalleled options for used car parts in Wesley Chapel because we strive to make sure you can find the brake parts you require. If you don’t see exactly what you need, we’ll assist you in locating any part. Find unbeatable prices and trustworthy braking performance in our remarkable inventory. Swing by today and let us demonstrate our expertise in meeting all your brake-related needs!

We have a wide selection of:

Brake Pads




Fluid Lines


ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) Parts


Quality is a top priority at our reputable auto salvage yard, especially concerning engines and their essential components. Every engine part undergoes meticulous inspection to guarantee peak dependability and performance, and we offer the most extensive range of used engines for sale in the area. Making the choice to purchase a used engine from our salvage yard ensures you’ll receive a used engine of exceptional quality that passes strict standards. We are dedicated to giving you priceless peace of mind, and we guarantee enduring, exceptional performance for your vehicle.

Come to our salvage yard for:

Timing Belts


Complete Engines



And More!


Our tire inventory boasts a wide range of options tailored to meet the requirements of every vehicle and driving style. If you’re in need of a spare tire, looking for great deals on high-performance tires, or require all-season tires, our inventory is equipped to meet your demands. Our tire stock includes a wide range of options in superb condition and with various tread depths. We’re excited to provide you with the ideal fit for your vehicle at unbeatable prices.

Sell Your Automobile

If you’re looking to offload your old, damaged, or non-operational vehicle, look no further than our local auto salvage yard. If your car encounters severe damage and the cost to fix it seems unreasonable, selling it to us is a smart move. As the premier junk car buyer in our area, we offer top-dollar cash deals for late model cars and trucks, regardless of their state. We’re your go-to for buying junk cars, accepting them with or without a title, and regardless of whether they run or not. We even provide free pickup services for maximum convenience. We have expertise in handling both domestic and international automobiles, ensuring a smooth and easy selling process for you. Get cash for your car today and let your car buyer take care of the rest!

For more information about selling your old car or about our used vehicle parts in Wesley Chapel, give Teddy Bear’s Auto Salvage a call today at (727) 937-8348.